360 Video not working for you in break through ways. Perhaps here’s why

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As with any medium, such as film’s inception to where we are with 2d film now, exemplars and artists have conceived various forms and presented these to audiences. Some have worked, which the philosopher Kant would probably say boils down to the way our brains work. For instance, before perspective, the audience was fine with the way they saw the world in images. But as Giotto et al introduced perspective in art, the audience took to it, though they’d never experienced it before.

The same happened with Edwin S. Porter’s ‘Life of an American Fireman’ which showed editing that Porter considered normal, but in time new filmmakers developed ‘real time’ parallel sequences, which again the audience seemed to appreciate.

Artists and exemplars create worlds which combined with the perception of critical reviewers and audiences teaches the rest of us how to see the world. Perspective, and 2d films, represented a fundamental way in which we normalised reality, particularly between 1700s to 2000s which coincides ( accidentally?) with Newton’s way about how the world works.

Space and Time were separate in Newton’s brilliance. Realism was, well, objects as they appeared in our perspectival view of the world. Then in the 1900s it happens, and it’s only now, after several attempts it’s making its impact in the plastic medium ( film) which is only just over a 100 years old.

Firstly, realism in art ceases to see the world in perspective. There are several ‘isms’ but I’ll take cubism as this best illustrates my next point, because cubism (and I could take literature, architecture etc.) attempts to see the world non-linearly and in one go.

In 1900s the way we’re taught about space and time as separate entities is turned on its head by a bored clerk working in the Swiss Patent Office. Space and time is now a continuum, to take Einstein’s view, fully accepted by us. Not only that, but at certain conditions the world in Einstein’s calculations verges towards spherical 360 degrees.

360 degree videos, we’ll get there in the end with the help of a video ‘Guernica’ , but just as there were many who wanted to view Einstein’s breakthroughs through Newton’s lens, we’re bound to do the same now. Artists (frustrated and indefatigable) and exemplars will create the works and theories, and spark new ways at cognitive reception that to the public will be like it was natural. These could include an added component or not to the W4H, the ‘I’ since the journo is integral in different ways to the report.

If you‘d like to get in touch with me, please drop me a line at the University of Westminster, d.gyimah [at] University of Westminster [dot]. ac.uk where we’re about to launch the Digital Interactive Story telling LAB where we use philosophy, history, tech and video to teach our cohorts about the tabula rasa in front of them .

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My next post looks at my six year study on story forms and cognitivism, in which I travelled the world to get an insight into how news stories could be constructed in different ways, based on a myriad factors

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