A keynote relevant in 2022 made in 2007. How the world has changed.

Dr David Dunkley Gyimah
3 min readAug 20, 2022

Watch this Keynote address to 1000 people in Norway about what is the future of the Net and Content? Videohyperlinking? Hyper aesthetic video? The Metaverse? All this really.

However it’s 2007 when I’m addressing the audience. I’ll go onto talk about The Outernet, greater diversity, and home streaming and decentralised communities.

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In 2007 broadband was in its infancy. YouTube was barely 2 years old. Twitter was being birthed. I had then a strong vision of the future. It involved creativity (working as creative director with an ex-head of TV at Saatchi and Saatchi) and winning coveted global awards in the US and Berlin in Innovations in Journalism and Videojournalism.

What was being touted as videojournalism was not the real deal. I know this because thirteen years earlier 30 youngsters and I would become the UK’s first videojournalists and our vision was different to how it evolved. In part because in 2002 the BBC developed videojournalists and changed the rules of the game. Happens all the time. A 5 tonne Gorilla displacing Hares.

My future of the Net would be profiled on Apple’s home website ( thanks Stuart and Simon) where I spoke about in a decades time people will be streaming from their homes into public spaces.

Why is this relevant? If you’re a researcher this is what happened — primary research. I have more than 1000 tapes from 2003–2014 documenting this period. For me my appetite about innovation continues having developed a PhD in the practice, as well as continuing to innovate. More recently I Keynoted to TV2 in Denmark referencing their streaming service.

The future? We can predict this through various methodologies including forecasting, and understanding both socio-political dimensions, and the public’s appetite.

In 2012, whilst in Beijing, the Chinese showed a world of immersive media without head gear. AI I foresee will have a way of stemming disinformation, and storytelling will learn more from neuroscience and cognitive behaviours.

But what really matters here despite all the tech flows, is a way in which we build or intend equity. If none of these builds towards greater appreciation, and diversity of representation and thought at such a crucial stage of various crisis, what’s the point?

If as storytellers we can’t find ways to thwart malevolent practices, to tell stories of impact that correct disinformation, then we might as well prescribe innovations as abetting the status quo.

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