AI Revolutionising Storytelling, with New Archive Redressing the Past.

Dr David Dunkley Gyimah
2 min readOct 22


A short video explainer collapsing two time-framed projects, contemporary historical narratives using first hand purposeful newly discovered archives, and the innovative use of of AI in research-based stories.

The former continues to expand and gain attention. The latter requires more focus and academic rigour than is given at the moment. AI has many threads and it’s almost always spoken and written about from the framing for general users.

Purposeful, ignorance, the Laval Decree, the diminution or otherwise absence of global south perspectives and stories is much acknowledged. Recently we came by a rich collection of archive which has been written up, and accepted for publishing by a leading academic journal.

Yet there’s a twin danger. Much as there’s a push for correction of past narratives, AI resets a starting point for future ones, and so engagement with AI isn’t just hugely important, it’s necessary.

This is why, coupled with empirical research, colleagues and I have combined Gen AI to telling factual stories about the past, that resonate aim to address ( by trend extrapolation) the future

I recently had the opportunity to present to the British Screen Forum and am hugely appreciative for the feedback. The video-promo Chairman is a true story and yet 40%-50% of it is AI, based around research.

Here’s a 1 minute explainer followed below with a link to a lengthier write up.

Lengthier read made to influential British media institute below

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