Four Things to Rebuild a World of Journalism in 2021

Dr David Dunkley Gyimah took this photo in 2010 at Beijing Airport

Stories and news can be viewed as problem solvers. They answer a need. Some are acutely bound by this, others can be hidden. In our approach called “start from zero”, here’s four things we’re doing to create storytellers/ journalists for tomorrow.

Develop journalists and storytellers into 21st century systems thinkers. The contemporary element of systems thinking embraces artistic insights. Cohorts become skilled at examining problems more deeply and creatively, before taking action. Cohorts learn a number of game theories, cognitive pattern recognition, technical tools and business approaches to developing a story or a project.

We’ve developed a model which builds out of Google’s Lean approach we call SACKED. It’s acronym represents: Systems Analyse; Creative approaches; Knowledge acquisition; Enterprise approaches & Editing forms; and finally Delivery. We teach students how to acknowledge limitations and that collaboration with a range of figures is key to addressing this.

Ensure cohorts work closely with mentors from tech, business and storytelling industries. We’re particularly pleased at pairing with Tramshed Tech, one of Wales’ most innovative tech hubs. These relationships expand the cohorts world of knowledge and networks.

A key function in the cohort’s output takes account of a spectrum of media referred to as multi-hyphernated media which embrace immersive, XR, Apps, platforms and AI. In the latter, cohorts come to understand the significance of AI, its role and pragmatic applications. We have as one of our mentors one of Wales’ most brilliant AI minds 25- year old Toby White from Artimus who has devised a platform that scrapes social media and automatically writes and posts 240 character messages online. We aim to expand AI tooling to develop journalists.

Dr David Dunkley Gyimah an expert in video productions

Top Writer & Creative Technologist, Int. Award Winner. Cinemajournalist. Cardiff Uni @jomec. PhD (Dublin). Visiting Prof UBC, Ex BBC/C4News. Apple profiled.