Friday Talking Points, and What Talking Points They Are

Dr David Dunkley Gyimah
2 min readJun 7, 2024


Politics & Comms, AI-Tech Storytelling & Higher Education. I rarely do politics on this platform, given my background as a former General Election producer for Channel 4, but what about the PMs pushback interview on leaving D-Day commemorations early?

What I want to know is what was Comms doing, and foreign Sec David Cameron, in the decision-making?

This week’s news that Sony will be using AI in future projects bode bad news for VFX, visualisers, but good news for indies looking at Gen AI to create where resources are a challenge.

From my experience over the last 34 years in innovation, storytelling and journalism, AIs shake up to content creation is going to be colossal, and relatively very few outlets are taking it seriously, particularly when it comes to non-fiction production.

Next month I’ll be presenting work at a tech storytelling gathering. Honoured to know I’m one of twenty academics in the country to be invited. I’ll be sharing work, what next after “the Chairman-AI project” and about the future and digital methodologies going forward.

Received an email from a BBC producer about this work today. They say it’s a bigger subject, from our discussions, and would like to give it a greater platform, so I’ll let you know.

I have a surprise presentation for a major entrepreneur-tech gathering, and am just finessing the message, but I hope what attendants will take home is the impact of AI. I believe any university course in content creation should be addressing this, and I’m pleased our Masters students and their feedback recognises this, with comments about how it’s helped them.

As tens of thousands of students look to their first job in industry, and the real pressures awaiting them, it’s important they realise the creation of exemplary work is as important as understanding the need for team working and supervision which I share here

Coming up, a talk on diversity and inclusion. I’ve strong views from academic papers and archive about the difficulties for current messaging. Recently I was asked by a leading funder to review a proposal to create a D&I platform. I commended it, but saw within it a perennial issue around legacy, collaboration, and how structural inequality had become strategically conventionalised over the years.

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