Have the Democrats finally found Trump’s Achilles? The backlash from the the Khan’s own personal grief.

The lambasting Republican has thus far proved to be impregnable and teflon like. Why else would one ‘embarrassing’ moment after another, from excerpts ‘McCain is no hero’, ‘my African-American’ in the crowd, to ‘blood coming out of her everywhere’ have little effect on his popularity.

Meanwhile, Democrats could hardly, in released Wiki documents, have an incisive strategy to do in Bernie, which makes you think how the devil they’ll going to prep Clinton for the titanic vitriolic dual that lay ahead.

How do you get to Trump?

Casting conceit and cynicism aside; there’s little room for sentiment in politics, it seems an old fashion way. Play the citizen against the politician.

For UK readers the exemplar is this piquant moment to Thatcher’s detractors. One Diana Gould, in 1983, asking why the Prime Minister had sunk an Argentinian ship, the Belgrano, during the Falklands war. The ship Mrs Gould maintained posed no threat.

Trump’s Mrs Gould is the Khan family. Forthright, honest, seeking the truth, and not to be bullied.

You could argue the merits of how a family’s continuing grief, their loss, should be dragged into the public domain but this is where we are.

As the Washington Post reports, Trump’s response brought a backlash, it’s worth reminding politicians that this is one area that leaves any politician exposed against ordinary citizens. Thatcher came off badly. A similar citizen encounter in 2010 from Gillian Duffy would sink PM Gordon Brown’s stature when he call her off-mike a ‘bigoted woman’

Trump would do well to steer clear of this fight, he cannot win.

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