Her presence remains indelibly imprinted on me. Hours before going on air it was confirmed she would come to the studios. I was a presenter on a BBC programme called Black London. “Don’t ask her to do the purr”, I was told. I think, by her publicist. She came. I was a little hesitant. By the time we we wrapping up, she gave her trade mark gesture. You hear me say, “I wasn’t go to ask you to say that….” From the studio to her waiting car she took my arm into hers and asked me about my background. Unbelievable, I thought, we’re chatting like old friends. I was enthralled and knowing parts of the story you recount, recall memories of an extraordinary woman who stood for principles at personal sacrifice to herself. On air we spoke for about 30 mins. Sadly I’ve only been able to find this short segment. I hope you enjoy it as much as I so deeply do. Thanks for your piece and reminding us what a remarkable woman she was https://soundcloud.com/david-dg/eartha-mae-kitt

Top Writer & Creative Technologist, Int. Award Winner. Cinemajournalist. Cardiff Uni @jomec. PhD (Dublin). Visiting Prof UBC, Ex BBC/C4News. Apple profiled.

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