How He and Art Bring Me Sanity

It’s been a tough year — there’s an understatement.

At times resilience is far tested, patience creaks at the seams as renewed energy is summoned to hold it together. The casualties in our life tend to be the voyeurism of discovery, art, and the abstractness of making sense of the world.

It seems like we’re in a continuous hurry and that instantaneity overrides reflection, or at least the art of reflection.

In those instances, art is the red pill. We need more art to admire, heal, sooth, to imagine.

A dear friend said to me yesterday as a response to people who have dedicated themselves to help in myriad ways: “I mean you well. Please mean well for me too”. What a beautiful expression. But we’re losing this. We’re losing this.

In moments like this it is art that brings me sanity and that love is expressed through the human connection and the seeds that germinate. It’s not an entire panacea, but for that moment gazing and imagineering, I can lose myself.

Here’s our kid. We’re on a shoot. Bliss. He is preparing for a new adventure at Rambert Dance School. Salute! I seek to capture that moment before he flies.

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