How to reboot learning/ knowledge by combining interdisciplinary skills.

2016, I’m heading up a new MA programme in lab-storytelling — digital. The then Guild of Entrepreneurs, now Company of Entrepreneurs do an absolute blinder acting as judges for the recorded final project submissions in a professional studio.

We call the programme Knights’ Table. Geddit? Participants pitch their ideas and are given brilliant feedback. There’s no cash prize but there is a prize ahead.

David Freeman captures the occasion with these photos. We film the event. Here’s a 2 min teaser of The Knights’ Table It’s def a template for creating excellence.

Several cohorts have gone onto new experiences. Four years on from this event Nasma reconnects with her Mentor Stephen to build upon her project with funding from Clwstwr. Great!

Equally satisfying. We build into the programme of mentoring that students show their appreciation by a favour in kind. They can’t purchase any gifts. It ideally is a skill, something they’ve learned could be of use to their mentor.

I’ve since left my university where I created this, and taken the programme to Cardiff University and many of the Knights continue to lend their support.

This year I’ll try something new. It’s quite some work producing it. In the wings is a magazine/journal I need to turn my attention to that I think may serve as a blue print for interdisciplinary start up work and its filming.

Thank you to the Knights — Entrepreneurs:Nicolla, Stephen, Rachel, Lee, Judy, Patrick, Simon, Spirit, and Tony. To James for the studio. David for photography, and filmmakers.

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Dr. David Dunkley Gyimah

Creative Technologist & Associate Professor. International Award Winner Cinema journalist. Ex BBC/C4News. Apple profiled Top Writer,