Is This The End of Cameras For Content Creation as Gen AI Takes Hold?

Dr David Dunkley Gyimah
2 min readJun 13, 2024


The camera in your phone, or that professional camera I’m using here, could that one day become redundant or otherwise less relied upon for content creation in an AI world?

There’s a precedent. For 600 years, between 14th century Byzantine art and 20th century Impressionism, it’s as if classical renaissance art in the camera-likeness of Jacques-Louis David’s work disappears. Tech and styles atrophy. Yet the language of camera direction will gain greater significance in creating richer media.

In 2100 or even less, given the contraction in tech years, a generation born into AI prompts and voice-to-image creation may not give the camera much relevance.

I’ll be presenting this research at the forthcoming “Storytellers & Machines” AI conference in Manchester in July with three AI non-fiction films created by prompts.

I’ll explain how ethics into AI should be inclusive and broadened to include a range of cultures as there are inspired reasons why diverse groups use AI.

Chairman: The Ghanaian — biop my father widely representative of West Africans coming to UK in 1950s

Katlehong Revisited — revisiting archive of reports from South Africa in 1993. Katlehong then designated a danger zone has radically transformed.

Empowered — Story of young girl who dreams and reaches the height of her ambition. This will be premiered at a major London entrepreneurs event.

I’ll show how important memory will become in placing trust in the verification of AI content. Will we require developing Simonides Memory type Palaces, augmented with tech solutions e.g. block chain, for trust?

In research published in 2016 “Journalism, Diversity and Memory — heightening our reception to stories”, I’ll build on this with new research which shows AIs inevitability into content (professionally and non-pros)



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