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What’s it like presenting to 5000 people, with ideas that riff of everything and anything? That’s what I wanted to know.

We’re in a studio at the University of Westminster and Mr Brand Agent Jonathan Wilson is about to give 5000 people a taste of what they dare not miss.

A professor & Consultant in ABCDs (Advertising, Branding, Culture & Digital), Halal, Muslim & Ethnic Markets), Jonathan walks what he preaches.

Some people take their phones out to read a text. The screen gen do it cuz they’re motivated to create content. There’s a clear desire in documentation being a paper trail of narrative and inherent in what they do is branding.

Couple of weeks ago, Jonathan was hanging out with some of London’s uber YouTubers. No change from minimum 10,000 subscribers, whilst most are raking up in to the 100s and mills. Then he’s globe trotting across Asia keynoting at one conference or another.

All of which serves as one of many threads in our conversation. If you’re in academia, the manna from heaven is your research and REF. That’s how it’s been and academia wants it to be. But lurking in the background are a new breed of academics; popular, erudite, telegenic. You could count Professor Brian Cox in that category — and perhaps little known to you, Prof Jonathan Wilson.

Wilson is like a DJ at a Radio station called Pedagogy. You’ll want to hear what he has to say in an as entertaining fashion as a DJ on Capital Radio, with one difference. There’s no end to the deep knowledge flow.

I discover we share something in common, former chemistry graduates who found refluxers and bunsen burners a tad limiting. Thereafter Jonathan pursued an MBA, worked in Adland, before turning his focus to a doctorate, and becoming the Robbie Williams of knowledge in “let me entertain you”.

Today’s mission is clear cut. We setup, I film, Jonathan does a couple of flawless takes and 1.5hrs later we have this… So what’s it like presenting to 5000 people?

If this short promo is anything to go by, hold onto your whatever, Jakarta is about to go bye bye.

Video director, producer Dr David Dunkley Gyimah is an international award winning innovator in media and storytelling across a spectrum of genres. He leads the Digital and Interactive Storytelling LAB ( disLAB) at the University of Westminster. Named by Apple as a One Man Hurricane and one of the leading

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writers in journalism on @Medium, he’s one of the UK’s leading cinema journalists and has worked for the BBC, Channel 4, ABC and trained companies from the FT to Chicago Sun Times in video production. He publishes

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