No knothing,

Nodding to your first para.

Yes, top man, that one. I have seen a few other vids he’s made. One of the most powerful things I make the assumption you’ll agree with me is the power to listen. To hear what someone says, we might disagree with is one thing. To listen and devise a cogent response is another.

In South Africa in 1991, before the end of Apartheid, I was in the Orange Free State — one of the heartlands of the Afrikaner Nationalist. I got talking to a farmer, who was speaking to me about the future of SA. As the interview finished, he asked me where I was from with my funny accent. Britain, I said. ‘Arck, there are kaffirs, I mean black people in Britain’, he said. Yes, I replied. He then called over his friend Andre. ‘Andre come quick, this man here says he is from England’. Andre asked me a few questions, to which I obliged. Then in a flash Andre got angry. ‘It was you the English who were responsible for concentrations camps in this country’, he said jabbing his finger at my chest. Whoa! I was aware of the history but how do I answer that I thought. It appeared Andre had been waiting for a time to accost someone from blighty to atone for his personal loss and there I was. His friend calmed him down, before I could think through something that would have us talking together. I remember we did for a good couple of minutes — with him squeezing in Rugby and how SA would thrash England when Apartheid ended and the two sides met. Yep engagement, without being shut down, not quite in line with the video, but that’s my personal memory that conjures up common ground and talking openly with each other, and us listening to each other. In this case it seemed to be sport.

Now this time, I’m going to bed :)

Top Writer & Creative Technologist, Int. Award Winner. Cinemajournalist. Cardiff Uni @jomec. PhD (Dublin). Visiting Prof UBC, Ex BBC/C4News. Apple profiled.

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