Satellite Man — is this the ultimate tech solution?

Technology promised. Faster, neater, cleaner. Then, it was delivered. Your own personal satellite rigged to your own IP media.

Clunky and chunky. It’s a cobbled together ideatype, what did you expect? But like Moore’s Law, it’ll be affordable in time.

That connected to the brainternet, which we’re trialing with colleagues puts us into the realm of science fiction.

But we failed! We failed

For all the tech the continual failure to correct this injustice is the blight staining humanity.

Each new tech that emerges from within Silicon Valley, East London, Shenzhen and analogous places around the world that purports to make the world better, easier, more enriching, is celebrated.

Humankind is an advancing species, which revels in doing the near impossible. Going to the moon, charting the depths of oceans, drilling into the matrix nano world of biological sciences, but no tech, endeavour from tech heads sees itself solving this problem. Why? That might be the insignia on Earth’s tombstone circa 2200, when it’s time to call it a day.

Humans failed!

Each new tech exposes the elephant amongst us, the ignored blueprint legacy to newer generations. Yes to climate change which has heavily taxed resources and human might, Yes that scientists et al throw themselves at tackling pollution as it further endangers planet earth, but the scourge, real murderous blood that marks humanity left unresolved is 16th century invention — racism.

Embedded in this is the very essence that divides, renders inequalities, and legitimises crimes against people.

The idea, propagated as a prototype, honed and put into practice amounting to a trillion and above dollar industry, is as enduring in the 17th century, during the enlightenment period when it was at its new ugliness, as it is now.

Racism fashioned a faux human doctrine. Humans, the Greeks, Romans and Pharaohs had enslaved people for being different. But in the 16th century the tech and entrepreneurs of their time turned this into a monstrous barbaric industry. Slavery was racism’s visible manifestation, the theory underpinning the trading of human cargo and discrimination was a psychological damning feat of human mind engineering. That a president of America could call people, “animals”, and feel at ease in doing so, should be worrying. It’s yesterday’s news.

When Hitler commanded his followers at Nuremberg, he packaged pseudo scientific theorists non scientific claims. By dint of where you were from, there, here, was the master race. Others were and should be dispensed.

In US politics, America and its leaders were initially reluctant to address head on this doctrine. It did not threaten their interests, wealth generation. What was right has often jarred with what protects a nation’s interest.

That was when there was a scintiller of moral inequivalence, to do right, empathy, love for thy neighbour outweighed the need to accrue wealth at all costs.

So bring it on, Satellite Man. And the idea isn’t too far fetched speaking to one of the world’s leading authorities on news, but when are we going to use tech to address this scourge on society?

Top Writer & Creative Technologist, Int. Award Winner. Cinemajournalist. Cardiff Uni @jomec. PhD (Dublin). Visiting Prof UBC, Ex BBC/C4News. Apple profiled.

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