Storied — Designing journalistic stories

We design planes, design couture, design websites, but stories? Well, they’re created, produced, or written.

But there’s an argument to resurrect the concept of designing video stories in the same way Life Magazine in its heydays designed photographic essays whose pictorial narrative strung a story together.

I’m in the midst of redesigning the site which I have a love-hate relationship with ( ) I’m seeking to design the video stories in a way compliments the site’s aesthetic reach.

As usual, I’m not being original. All design has traces of others. But I do believe the art of journalistic design is an important feature - particularly in these days of plenty.

Adam Westbrook is a kindred spirit in this regard, with his superb array of films he designs. Meanwhile, bespoke tailor Ozwald Boateng talks about designing clothes as if it were a luxury car, with all the curves and precision to boot.

Design is intrinsic to solving problems. It imbues an artistic approach, but also as I navigate between video, photography and design, it ties in with coding (HTML/ CSS and Java)elements. That Maths and Chemistry degree in the distant past is now beginning to infiltrate my work more and more as an artist. I must here thank Le Hei for her tireless work kicking off the site.

I have new ideas for Viewmagazine and its redesign is by no means complete, but I’d like to introduce you to some areas.

It enjoys quite a ranking when googling ‘video journalism’. I’m looking forward to a point when I can open the site to become less about me and more geared to a diversity of issues to engage a wider audience.

On the carousel you’ll find a link to Cine-videojournalism, and then a story on what makes Vice a platform for the young perched somewhere in my Medium menu.

Within the pages of Viewmagazine.TV are features on creating ‘Obama’s 100 Days’ video at the Southbank Centre. I called up Obama’s press photographer who kindly lent me the pictures with a day to go before the concert. ‘Obama’s 100 Days’ was an orchestral work created by Dr Shirley Thompson with members of the Philharmonic Orchestra.

I took the photo below walking through the lounge at Beijing airport, I think. Two figures seated together. It was such a striking piece of art. It links to a video Hashtag Student You, I made of four of my final project students — a sort of psychological ride to complete their degrees.

Other stories include my interview with the former head of the CIA James Woolsey, which I’m redesigning to connect with ‘what is cine-videojournalism?’ where I also discuss the work of Laura Poitras’ CitizenFour.

The carousel includes a link to a new band I filmed last year called Thabo and the Real Deal. I spent a day and half with the boys who are being tipped as breaking it this year.

The navigational element of the site needs sorting, but it has to be an experience. What? I don’t know yet. The page design is such that photos dominate the page with an accompanying cell of texts.

The page on creating a promo on the Porsche underscores what I mean.

And finally for the meantime, a mug shot about me, referencing work near the Syrian border; I’m recutting that film. There’s how I produced an anti war commercial in 24 hours for a client, which aired on CNN International, and a film on tax, that I’m putting together which should be one of my most ambitious yet.

I’m really looking forward to working with a host of new people this year ☺

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