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From India to Brazil with Love — Branded Content

Despite their differences, there are similarities between India’s approach towards improving mass connectivity and its benefits and Brazil. Index cites an India policy paper: “India: Digital freedom under threat?” when talking about Brazil’s prospects stating:

The internet represents an opportunity to fill in the socio-economic gap that strongly divides Brazilian society — especially in terms of education, access to information, and access to freedom of expression.

In India, Twitter, Google, and Facebook played an important role at Talk Journalism’s conference aware that the eye of the prize is the country’s untapped unconnected and the new business ahead.

To understand branded content and the film we’re making around India’s Young Professionals, you’d do well to study the films of the father of documentary John Grierson, Brazilian born filmmaker Alberto Cavalcanti and Cinema Journalism.

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Dr David Dunkley Gyimah

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