To find fresh answers, you have to think like a child

The Power of video really can sometimes outdo those thousand words. To capture the theme for solving problems, video would do nicely. Piaget, Arnheim and several worthy psychologists have said similar about the power of a child’s mind. This is a personal story.

The ability to retain an innocence about what we do, to see the world as if we were a child but a little wiser opens up a rubik’s cube in two dimensions. It’s what drove me to make this 2 min piece.

Question everything like a child does and you achieve the level of depth analysing — used by psychologists such as Ernest Dichter. Take nothing for granted. This video is shot over three continents and the theme here and everywhere I train is the same — question those things we call conventions. Ask questions because only then can we avoid the mistakes of the path and make a path for the future.

The video is also a clarion call for a new art form — cinema journalism which I write about as a way of pushing at the edges of communications, storytelling and journalism. Seek out the hidden.

Do leave a comment or ping me for a chat about why and how.

Top Writer & Creative Technologist, Int. Award Winner. Cinemajournalist. Cardiff Uni @jomec. PhD (Dublin). Visiting Prof UBC, Ex BBC/C4News. Apple profiled.

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