Tweets, media coverage, multiple standards and football violence

In case you missed it and if football isn’t your thing it probably didn’t register much but there was mayhem in France yesterday.

Not the result of a terrorism strike but, a terrorism strike. The media refers to the latter as football hooliganism. You’ll read a ton about it in the next few days; whose to blame, why it happened and the rest.

This post, though, isn’t about football however for shorthand context, it appears that Russian fans ( hooligans) advanced on the seating area of England fans from this photo.

This morning a twitter thread emerged from the events and is busily attracting some attention.

Hayder al-Khoei, is among other things an Associate Fellow at @ChathamHouse whose sister organisations include the Council For Foreign Relations in the US.

This is brilliant and far from giving the game away I’d urge you to read the thread.

Sadly @Hayder al-Khoei responds with the following below to some who don’t get it. Sadly, twitter doesn’t do nuances, but even then…

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