When Castro nearly upstaged President Mandela at his own party

Perhaps, the most incredible international event of the 1990s was the election of Mr Nelson Mandela, who’d previously spent 27 years in jail.

The earth must have stopped on its axis, when it was time for him to be sworn in. Every dignitary was there. Millions lined the event and millions watched live on television.

I was based in Johannesburg at the time, as a radio and television journalist, and was asked by a department at the BBC World Service to provide a report from the ceremony. Here it is below. The spine chillingly feeling aside, I was surprised by just how much of the 2 minute report features the Cuban President Fidel Castro.

It was quite the drama, with Castro being seated, just before event started… and…Well, you judge. Enjoy and ping me back for a discuss if you feel like it.

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