Young in Love — forever & after. Photojournalism story as cinema.

The creed of cinema journalism can be best illustrated with another portmanteau word ‘photography’ and ‘journalism’ as photojournalism.

A photographer takes pictures of nouns (people, places and things)... Photojournalists capture “verbs,” says Photojournalist Mark M. Hancock. The story lies in movement, internally or externally. This too is an essence of cinema journalism — a craft skill that merges cinema and journalism.

Over the weekend my nephew invited me to his wedding. His story is quite remarkable and inspiring, which frankly merits movie treatment. It’s boy meets girl; she a teacher, he is finding his calling from the rough and tumble of London’s streets before settling on youth work and then theology.

Whilst a professional photographer was at work, I casually thought I’d share their story.

Nerves, me?
She’s on her way.
Here she comes
Princess, and yes literally!
Those vows! Wow!
You may kiss… never mind!
What we do in Church.
And more
Put a ring on it
Content makers
Mr and Mrs.
Super bad!
Bonds to Men
This day
Who the…?
Bros on the floor
Mr and Mrs showing how it’s done
Groom’s mum
Thanks for coming, but if you didn’t it would have been cheaper ( his words) Everyone laughs

To be continued…